Reserve a table & party with ol’skool classics like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Time Crisis. Donkey Kong & a stack of pinball tables. 

>> Walk-Ins

The door is always open at Bip Bip Bar during opening hours and you can come as you are.

Booking is not required it’s an extra service to make sure you get a table.

You can hang out without playing games.

>> Need to know

  • Guests younger than 18 years of age are welcome until 18 o’clock. After 18 you need to be at least 18.
  • Groups of 5 persons or more and more can reserve a table.
  • Groups of 20 and above might need to be seated in difference rooms/areas.
  • In situations where the larger tables are taken we will try and combine smaller ones to make sure you can sit together.
  • You can book an hour in advance too, but in situations where the Bip is Booming, we might need your patience to clear the table.
  • All pre-ordered Playcards (inc credits) will be given upon arrival.
  • Extra playcards & credits to play the games can be bought at the bar upon arrival/during your visit. 

>> Pricelist

We offer two types of bookings.

  • Booking within opening hours
  • Booking outside opening hours
No need to buy drinks/beer/soda beforehand it can be done at the bar upon arrival

To lean more about our prices, please visit: Pricelist
Prices will also appear during booking process.

Rent the whole place? Check Pricelist

>> Where to book <<

All booking is handled by just look below!

Staff & the games look forward to see you! Any questions just ask in one of the bars.

Bip on!

Regarding booking during lockdown: Did you book a table while we had to pause the fun, then send a mail to: cdå with the topic/title: Booking during Lockdown. I willx go trough each mail and see how I can help.