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Bip i flimmerkassen

A Blip from the Blast - Tilbage til fortiden


Are youbipping up with the Commodore?


Only Amiga!

Classic Chassis / Chassis Arcade

It's a G-thing - Onsdag I Arkaden (7 episodes)

INFO: A series about G-Slænget in the old Chassis days done by creative Mik Dahl.

Bits & Bips

Cinema & Bipcorns

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Trailers: Yes / Spoilers: No

Electric Knowledge From Youtube


Documentaries are found at YouTube & we do not own license but will remove link if requested.

Happy Bip Year! (Gaming series)


Ruben og Bobby - Bjelkes alle 7a kld tv. 2200 Kbh N

Nintendopusheren - Ydunsgade 4-6, kælderen, 2200 Kbh N

DanTubes - more info

Please be Square - Tetris stuff

You're the Bip to my Bob

🎵 mmmBip! Music where Bip Bip Bar participated.


Find Bip Bip Bar

Find Bip Bip Bar


Fælledvej 7

2200 Copenhagen N


What the Bip?

Bip Bip Bar is a bar with classic arcade machines, pinball tables & often a retro console hooked up to the big big screen projector..

The games can be played by everyone and the bar welcomes both guests who play & guests who don’t. 

It is a unique atmosphere when you combine all sorts of electronic games with all sorts of guests and we love seeing you added  the mix.

We have collected some of the main questions and answers below. 

Upon arrival

1) Buy a Playcard at the bar.

And add credits to it.

2) Find the game you want to play.

Bip the Box. (box is by coinslot)

The box will deduct credits outumatically 

3) Press “1-Player”/”2-Player” or “Start”.

Depending on the game.

Click here for prices.

All unused credits can be used at a later date within a year.

Prices per game is between 2-5 kr per person.

When your playcard is ready, the game has been fed some credits and you have found the game you are ready to give a try.


Then look for “Player-1″/”Player-2” or “START” button. 


Press “START” button (usually located in left side” and then pull the plunger” (usually located in right side).


You are also welcome to scan the unique QR code found on the machine, use our “On Location” free web app or go to GAME PLAN.


Yeah, so we have also made a general guide to make sure you are well equipped when hunting for highscores.


What are the prices?

Choose one of the links for updated prices:


Bar Menu



Where do we get the machines from?

We have been collection for many years by now. Most of the time we buy a defect game and turn it back to life. The games are from all over Denmark and from basements, bars, storagerooms, mancaves – you name it. If you got a machine or spare parts you would like to sell/donate, then please contact us.

Nope, we are not in the line of (re-)selling machines or parts. The reasons are many but we enjoy fixing machines and offer them to be played for credits instead of collecting.

There are many reasons why a machine is no longer on the floor. Most common reason is that it needs to be fixed. We also like to change the titles through out the year so when a new title is added sadly an old one has to be taken out.

Titles can always return to the floor.

At Bip Bip Bar; nothing is ever really gone. And if you want to play a game that you know we have in our collection, then tell us. 

Polls/vote is also a membership feature.

We often get mails about how to fix privately owned machines. The best way to get an answer is to turn up and have a chat (especially Wednesdays). We do not service machines through emails, phone or the like. It is simply too time consuming and too much can be wrong with the game and also too much can go wrong if not being handled with correctly. Some repairs can be dangerous to do and we recommend that you find a professional and/or seek advice from:

We are always looking for extra hands. Do you know how to flash/rewrite an EPROM or fix the chassis connected to a CRT?

Then please get in touch with us!

That is one of the greatest questions of all time. But it is even better if we get to talk about how complicated and nuanced the answer really is – in person. So for now, thanks for answering and I will think about it until we meet and then some afterwards.

To some it starts with nostalgia. To others, it is something quite different. However, the experience of classic games seems to transcendence what ever time they are created and/or met in. That is, what makes them classics. The “retro” genre is often defined by requiring “hand-and-eye coordination”, “fast reflexes” and “pattern recognition” and to this you might add “memory”, “fast learning” skills and maybe even more. However, to us, the social side of playing the games plays a huge role in this too. How does it feel to play in front of others? To play with others? To play against others? To leave a score, for others to find? And another level to this, is the “easy approach” or “simplicity” the games offers at first glance. The old games are forever young. You can even learn the basics after you have had a few pints. The classics are playable and enjoyable to everyone at all time.

It is really different from person to person. The main thing we see is that guests want to experience the games and/or experience the unique atmosphere the games provide. It truely is a special vibe when you hear people having fun together while playing the games. We have guests of all ages and naturally some guests are younger than the games they try and at other times some guests have waited years to replay their favourite one. There is nothing required except wanting to have a good time.

This depends on the quality of the repair we did ourselves earlier and the age of the game. It also depends on which type of game it is (mechanical pinball, gun control, joystick etc.) and how popular it is. But let us go back to the mid 80s – back then, the games also had to be repaired and serviced from time to time. Let us skip on to the 90s when Street Fighter II hit the arcades. The machines still had to be looked at by a technician and maintained quite often. So we do what always have been done. We fix what is broken and restore with original parts as much as possible.

We recognize that Bip Bip Bar provides the games and a frame in which you can experience them in. Arcade & arcade culture has excited way before we did and we owe a huge thanks to developers, owners, players, fans, collectors & more. 

Chassis Arcade is the former name. Although I, Chrisstoffer, had started collecting and somewhat tried to learn how to restore and fix arcades for some time, the first step to bring the games back to the public started late 2011 & first official opening party was in February 2012.

Other versions: Bip Bip Pop-up Bar @ Huset in Magstræde. Mönt Arcade, Albertslund as part of Forbrændingen. 

Bip Bip Bar is not a political organization and will not be excluding guests from owning an option different from ours.

Gaming culture can be personal, individual, social and community driven. Our expression is a reflection of the guests we meet and backed by our own love for playing.

One of the owner is living life according to the typical plant based diet/lifestyle and everything at Bip Bip Bar is plant based. This is done as a bonus for the experience while not being something we feel a need to visually demonstrate when visiting us on location. It simply just is.

We welcome all genders and identifications, also if yours is still to be found, fluid, not present, under development, new to us, some “thing” else, different tomorrow or like most others (whatever that is). We are here to have fun and have no problem in playing with you/those/us who challenge the contemperary world we live in. Let’s stick up for people who gain from our voice to grow in numbers and be heard by more. Be with the one, none or the many, love who you love if it is not hurting them in a way they would rather be without. One life but endless power-ups from us and may it become the standard one day. Game on, gay on – well – play on!


It is a challenge not to – so many great games and so littletime.

But sure! We welcome all guests and you are welcome to go for the bar instead of the games. 

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