Get to Know

First Time?

No worries, we have all had our first go here. Here is how we can get you ready for action.


Buy a playcard at the bar.

And add credits to it.


Find the game you want to play.

The BIP BOX is by the coinslot.


Bip the Box

And press “Start”, “1-Player” or “2-Player” button.


What does it cost to play?

  • Playcard: 10 kr.
  • Arcade: 1 Credit = 2 kr to play per person per game.
  • Pinball: 2 Credits = 4 kr per person per game.

We kept the 80s prices and recommend a Playcard with 25 credits to begin with for 60 kr. You are also welcome to share it with your group. Arcade & Pinball are ol’skool hardcore cool so a card per person is often the blockbuster choice. 

What if I don’t use all credits?

The card is yours and as “practice makes perfect”, you are welcome to keep the card and use it again next time.

Superb! I bet you are soon ready for a highscore too. Don’t forget to submit it.



GAMEPLAN is a tool for you to make sure you get to try all the games you want to. Out games are spread out all over BIP BIP Bar in many different rooms and environments. So to keep out cool,

You do not need to be logged in, have a user, be member or anything similar, just be you. GAMEPLAN is connected to the unit you use the add games to your list. 

Some use it before visiting, others will kickstart it upon arrival but typically always boot up their GAMEPLAN list once it is game time!

It is possible to share your list with others – those you will play with or via social medias where some might even have some tips & tricks for you or at least a memory they want to share. 



Options for sharing/showing your GAMEPLAN to/with others . This is a great way to impress your friends and to be ambippadour for our niche. 

With challenges lurking everywhere it can be nessecary with a overview of amount of experiences awaiting ot Bip Bip Bar. In other words; an overview of how many games you have added. 
The titles of the games you have added, it will list the type of game like “Arcade” or “Pinball” to begin with and then the name of the game. The title also work as a link in case you want to visit the game’s info page – a great way to access those mad hidden skills of yours.
This is the date for when the game was made available for “GAMEPLAN”. The info is mostly for those who already use GAMEPLAN and is checking yours out. 
Tip! GAMEPLAN is connected to the unit from which you add it from. If you added games by your computer you might want to send the link to yourself so you can access it from your mobile phone on location. Printing and writing it down could also be an option of course.  out your list
You can also use GAMEPLAN as your own favourite list of games.
NB! GAMEPLAN is anonymous & will be deleted after 30 days. 

Games to Play