Bip Bip Bar follows all official guidelines & current set of rules related to Covid-19.

Guidelines & signs are placed for all guests to see.

Face masks are provided for free at the bar.


Just use the James App & we will find you and deliver the order.



5 Pinball tables for all that flipping goodness.
Arcade games find their way in here sometimes too.
Highseating with tables depending on number of guests.




The booking system is setup so you can just go ahead! 
  • Our booking system will automatic tell which reservations are available.
  • You book a seat and is guaranteed entrance at Bip Bip Bar & can stay as we reach maximum number of guests allowed by Covid-19 restrictions. 
  • It is only possible to guarantee tables for all seats at this moment. Please read the disclaimer.
  • Simply choose what works for you. You can book choose 1, 2 & 3 hours slots. 
  • You are welcome to book multiple time slots as extensions to each other like 3 hour time slot + 2 hour timeslot to make your reservation into 5 hours in total.
  • The +1 extra bonus hour is for guests who is at the bar and want to prolong their booking & who has showed Corona Pas earlier. This option is depended on the number if guests at that specific time.
  • Covid-19 restrictions does not require booking before entering bar & restaurants at the moment.

Guests who book are guaranteed to be able to enter Bip Bip Bar & stay for the time they have booked. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, walk-ins/non-bookings are not guaranteed to be able to stay if the maximum number of guests is reached on location.

Booking is usually only needed during busy hours & the last time slot is at 20:00

We can not guarantee a table upon arrival due to covid-19 restrictions. The booking situation is not able to accommodate reservations in such a way that we can welcome the number of guests allowed by Covid-19 restrictions while respecting all wishes for group sizes matching the different variants of table sizes available.

We do place reservation signs on tables as much as possible but constant Covid-19 demands have shown to be the first challenge at hand and we can therefore only promise admission to the location but not a table.

We do our best: Tables for 6 might be occupied by groups of 5 leaving extra seatings open. So hopefully we can adjust the arrangement and create an exclusive table for you. 

We apologise for this but hope you will spend the time enjoying the games while we try to get a table getting ready for you.

Any booking fees, will be given back in credits to play on the games upon arrival.

– Trouble with the booking system?
– Don’t own a Smartphone that can go online?
– Already on your way?
– We’re fully booked?

Fully booked means all tables are booked. However, some tables might have extra seats available and some guests might have left. A few tweaks often makes it possible to arrange the seating so more tables are ready. 

If if we are fully booked as you arrive to Bip Bip Bar before your booked time, then you are welcome to order from outside with the James App and we will bring it to you.

If the bookingsystem announces that booking isn’t possible:

This is the bookingsystemet telling you that we don’t have a table arrangement for the wanted size of group in that timeslot

What to do:

You can try and book by splitting the group and book as two groups. So instead of let’s say: A group of 7, you can try to book as a group of 4 and as a a group of 3.

We might be able to find a place where split groups can sit together upon arrival. We can not promise anything, but adjusting on the spot is sometimes possible.

Guests who book are guaranteed to be able to enter Bip Bip Bar & stay for the time they have booked. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, walk-ins/non-bookings are not guaranteed to be able to stay if the maximum number of guests is reached on location.

Booking is not required but a good idea.

We always welcome “Walk-Ins” to hit the bar and/or to play the games all opening hours. It is only due to Covid-19 that we encourage all guests to book in advance.

It is not possible to guarantee that we can reply and confirm a reservation using this method.

What to write:

  • 📱 Send a TEXT/SMS to (+45) 26275003
  • ⌨️  Write your name
  • 🔢  State number of persons arriving
  • ⏱ Write expected time of arrival and for how long.

Hi Bip Bip Bar  we would like to book for seats from 18:00 – 20:00 Friday the 23th of April 2021“.

👍 Your order is confirmed if were write: OK

🔕 We can not book request via phone calls at this stage.

Thank you 🕹

Booking system will appear by scanning the QR-Code


❤️ We make your experience fun and safe while following restriction and adjusting accordingly.

🪧 We have placed signs all over to guide you quick & easy.

🪑 Guests who wishes to use indoor facilities are welcome to book a table. 

? Guests without facemask upon entry will be given one for free with first purchase.

? Facemasks are to be worn while standing up: Going to toilet, playing and ordering at the bar. No need for mask outside.

? With the new rule of facemasks for all playing, it also means, that we can have all machines turned on and create a lively arcade feel while being safe.

? We have placed sanitizer all over but if you prefer to wear gloves, then ask for them. They are free too!

? No need for facemask when sitting down.

?  Order from the table via app so you can stay seated and continue enjoying your company.

☝️ Seems like a lot? No worries, we got you covered. Turn up and we will show how. We got this!

When using outdoor area we ask that you order from us and don’t bring your own. We are not granted permission to outdoor party but acknowledge the need for larger groups and no mask restrictions. 

  • You are welcome to book outside upon arrival.
  • You are welcome to order from the menu outside.
  • Mask is not required outside
  • Groups up to 75 persons are welcome outside,
  • Corona documentation is not necessary outside.

  • Groups of max 25 are welcome inside
  • Mask is required when standing inside
  • Mask is not required when sitting inside,
  • You can order from the table by James App and we will bring it to you.
  • Corona documentation is required upon arrival. Read “Corona Documentation for more info.


  • ID is required.
    One of follow is needed
  • Guests need to be able to document a negative Covid-19 test from the last 72 hours.
  • Documentation of full vaccination is valid 14 days after.
  • Documentation showing you have been well from Covid-19 infection within 14-180 days upon arrival is valid.

It is  our responsibility do make sure our guests are safe.

Further reading (in Danish):

Virksomhedsguiden om Corona

We are sorry about all frustration & concerns this might cause.