Bip Bip Bar believes that a quality experience is made with quality games, quality products and a bunch of know how.

The Beers

We offer a multi variety of selected beers: Høker Bajer, Tuborg/Carlsberg, Mikkeller Craft Beer, To Øl, Guinness, WarPigs, Brooklyn Lager/IPA & Budweiser.

The Drinks

To spice or sweeten the experience we have made a menu card that should meet any flavour you crave. We experiement and always try new ideas. The drinks are sorted in different Levels and challenges you to complete the card. Welcome to some wicked drinks and friendly staff.

Gin: Tanqueray, Mikkeller Gin,

Vodka: Mikkeller Vodka, Smirnoff

Liqueur: Kahlua, Amaretto di Florino, Blue Bosh & Cointreau

RUM: Bacardi (white & dark)

Whiskey: Monkey Shoulder, Jack Daniels & Nirasaki (Japanese whiskey)

The Shots

No barfloor is met without the right shots. Bip Bip Bar has decided to try and find the best taste possible and is serving the Danish “Pure shots”. Inspired by the German border we have added Ahoj-Brause shooters!

Tequila: Sauza Tequila

Bitters: Gammel Dansk (Translated: Old Danish) & Jágermeister.

Shots: PURE Shots; Lakridz, Passion Fruits, Lemonade & Raspberry

Shooters: Ahoj-Brause; Orange, Raspberry, Waldmeister & Lemon

The Soda

At Bip Bip Bar we love our cola. We even made a quest to find the best cola in world. This results in having a selection of 10 or more colas at all time. We also serve other kinds of soda.

Menu card

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Popcorn and peanuts are available t the bar.


Everything at Bip Bip Bar is plantbased (vegan).

It is not allowed to bring own food and beverage