The Games

Bip Bip Bar has a selection of classics and recommended games. We change the setup and titles but a typical list of games could be as follows:

Arcade machines


How to Play

You start by buying your own Bip Bip Bar Playcard for 10 KR, and then top it up, much like the travelcards in Denmark. Every machine has a checkpoint where you add credits to play by touching with your card. The system will keep count on minutes or credits/play left on the card.

You are always welcome to top up again if you want to play more and if you have credits left on the card, then keep it and use it next time.

You don’t need to book in advance. We are a bar with arcademachine & pinballs and guests take turns using them just like pooltables, footballtables and dartboards in other bars. Jump in and play – we are ready for you and/or large groups with about 30 machines standing by for your action. Table reservation is not needed as the night tend to have a dynamic atmosphare where people use all 3 floors/levels.

If you want to book Bip Bip Bar then click on Reservation

Pay per Play

Arcademachines costs 2 KR per person/game

Pinball costs 4 KR per person/game

Take your time and play when you want. You are welcome to share the card when you try the pay per play option.

FREE PLAY on all machines

Adults (12 years and up)
1 hour 75 kr
2 hours 125 kr
3 hour 150 kr
(here on out only 25 kr per extra hour)

Children (11 years and younger)
1 hour 50 kr
2 hours 75 kr
3 hours 100 kr
(Only 25 kr per extra hour)

If you want to try them all, let the kids play, do a teambuilding day, train for next highscore, then this will rock your experience.

Guests who have fun with the free play option must all have their own individual Bip Bip Bar Playcard.


Check out the highscore page

Check out the booking page.