We are open and we follow the guidelines set by the government.

? Guests without facemask upon entry will be given one for free with first purchase.

? Facemasks are to be worn while standing up: Going to toilet, playing and ordering at the bar.

? With the new rule of facemasks for all playing, it also means, that we can have all machines on and a lively arcade feel while being safe.

? We have placed sanitizer all over but if you prefer to wear gloves, then ask for them. They are free too!

? No need for facemask when sitting down.

? Order from the table via app so you can stay seated and continue enjoying your company.

You can book a table before arriving. Not needed, but might be a good idea.

☝️Seems like a lot? No worries, we got you covered. Turn up and we will show how. We got this!