Before You Dial

No need for reservation or booking for groups of 14 people or less. No need to book machines beforehand as we have 30 machines spread out on 2½ floor. Playcards for machines are bought at the bar upon arrival.

Some tend to confuse us with activities like bowling, cinemas, minigolf, netcafees and more – but Bip Bip Bar is a bar with the classic arcade and pinball machines. As much as we love to get your call or mail – we prefer to see you in real life and have fun on location. Like any other bar we do not require booking but are always ready to serve drinks, beers, soda and got a bucket full playcards for the machines.
More info: How to Play & Booking Options (in case of events, production and larger groups)

Booking & reservation

If you are a larger group than 15 persons then you might want to book a timeslot to make sure your event is not colading with another event that with a different profile. 

Phone: (+45) 93 97 46 66
Monday, Wednesday & Thurday kl 12:00-14:00


Information and agreement:


Media & management:


Lost & Found

Forgot your walkman or the phonenumber of the cutest pinball crush ever?

Well, please return to the bar in opening hours and describe what you are looking for and we will go through the “Lost & Found” box together.

We love chatting with you, but the person on the phone might not be at the bar when you call our number and the person on the mail is not checking the inbox at the location either. So to make sure nobody forgets your things twice, please appear in person at the bar in opening hours.

We keep everything locked away including credit cards, wallets, jackets, ghettoblasters and so on for 3 months.

Social Media

Find us around the internet Bipping around..

Job & Work at Bip Bip Bar

We are receiving a lot of CVs at Bip Bip Bar and can not reply all. You are welcome to both drop of your CV at the bar (Fælledvej 7, 2200 CPH) and digitally but make sure you have got the required skills as stated on the page: Become a Teamplayer. We love keeping our high standard as a thank you to the guests and in respect of the great team that works together.

Apply online:Become a Teamplayer.


If you want to book us for something unique, then please direct your idea and request to: – we use the location for special events and productions out side opening hours, please read: