Shopping Guide til retro spil.

Retro, Vintage & Classic Electronic Games. English/Engelsk: We have put together a guide for buying electronic games in Denmark. The guide will be in Danish, but all links will still be worth a click in case you want to spot a good deal from our country. Some videogames will be unique for Denmark or at

Aprils Fool 2020

As you probably have guessed, we believe more in the fun in games than the logic of games. Yesterday was the ramblings of a mad man (read: Chriss) and today we will set the record straight and show the best Aprils Fool Joke 2020 we stumbled across Yesterday: Direct link:



It is good to have seen following movies before reading on: It turns out – we are already inside a computer inside a computer. Ever felt the Matrix and Inception left real-life clues? There you go, it all started in the 80s when young scientists wanted to do some Weird Science and make a perfect